Lingueglietta - San Lorenzo al Mare

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Duration: 50’

Difficulty: T

Elevation gain: 260 meters

From the square of Nativity of the Virgin Mary Church (centuries XII-XVII) take the mule-track on the left before arriving at the “fortress” Church of Saint Peter (centuries XIII-XVI).

From there go down to the right through the small streets of this very old and picturesque village (Via della Chiesa, Via Discesa and Vico Littardi).

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Carry on down the mule-track which goes past anemone greenhouses and olive groves. The mule-track meets a paved street, turn left and go through a white oak wood, the path crosses a steam and then it goes under the motorway.

One arrives in Regione Crose and up a small hill which leads to Via Molino, going past beautiful houses with a sea view one arrives in Via Vignasse and from there to the centre of San Lorenzo.