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Indi i monti ligustici, e riviera

Che con aranci, e sempre verdi mirti

Quasi avendo perpetua primavera,

sparge per l’aria i bene olenti spirti

From the Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto (1532)

Walking in a wood, lying in the grass, taking on a mountain trail, all have the power of guaranteeing benefits to the body and mind, increasing one’s well-being and allowing one to find renewed energy.

It is well documented that hiking is a beneficial activity for one’s health.

In the San Lorenzo Valley one can practice hiking throughout the year and also in the company of children

The many paths available allow one to choose according to each individual’s level of training and personal interests.

Walking in the valley can also be a way of broadening one’s cultural knowledge because, as well as the beauty of the landscape, colours and fragrances of nature, it is possible to visit villages and hamlets at the slow and fascinating pace of our natural rhythm, in a renewed union of body and mind.