Civezza - Lingueglietta

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Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: E

Elevation gain: 100 meters

From the parish church car park follow the mule-track “Via della Costa” on the left. Continue for around 200 meters downhill before arriving at and crossing the main road, keeping to the left one reaches San Salvatore’s Oratory. Carry on to the right, following directions for Lingueglietta.

The path (which is need of repair) goes through Cystus and Pistacia Lenticus bushes, olive groves and pubescent oaks, after around 100 meters one arrives at a concrete mule-track on the left. Carry on before arriving in Regione Molino Dolca, go over the bridge and cross the main road. Continue to the right, following directions for Località Avreghi, the road goes past vegetable gardens, vineyards with spectacular views of the sea and of the Lingueglietta village.

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After around 2 hours, before the bridge on the right, it is possible to reach the home of artist Carin Grudda and her beautiful Park of Sculptures and Contemporary Art “Tra i Mondi”.

If one continues to follow the main path one goes through greenhouses and at all times keeping to the left, one arrives onto a paved road which winds through woods of Hornbeam and pubescent oak and also horsetails, where the ground is damp.

Pass by a football pitch and car park one arrives back at village in the main square, where there are the parrish church dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (XII-XVII centuries) and just beside the oratory of Holy Annonciation of the Virgin Mary (XVI-XVII centuries).