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From the sea to the interior as far as the highest summits that can reach 1000 metres in altitude, the San Lorenzo Valley offers a variety of interesting excursions which anyone can take part in, throughout the year. Walking in a wood, lying on the grass, taking on a mountain trail, all things which guarantee benefits to the body and mind, increasing one’s well-being and allowing one to find renewed energy.

The  sheer variety of paths allows one to choose according to individual experience and personal interests. It is possible to choose short walks with a slight elevation gain, which are also suitable for practising Nordic Walking, or walks of E difficulty lasting over five hours, with elevation gains in excess of 800 metres.

The paths and mule tracks often intersect with each other into a web which allows you to go from cultivated land to areas which can be barren or populated by Mediterranean wildlife and vegetation. It is possible, if one is patient, to encounter squirrels, foxes, wild boar, kestrels, buzzards, short-toed eagles, upupas, owls, little owls, barn owls, according to the season.

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A walk in the valley can also be a way of broadening one’s cultural knowledge, because apart from the beautiful scenery, nature’s colours and fragrances, one can visit villages and hamlets at the same slow and captivating pace as our own natural rhythm, in a renewed union of body and mind.

The back country is a great treasure of ancient hamlets,with their medieval appearance still intact, far away from all noise and bustle, nestled in the woods and Mediterranean scrub dominated by unspoiled mountains. The variety of landscapes, environments and botanical species is incredibly vast. Thanks to its mild climate one can go for walks all year round, snow is rare below 1000 metres and sunsets are spectacular, especially in winter.

It is possible to walk alone, but also accompanied by Environmental and Tour guides who can help you to discover unexpected routes, providing information and curiosities. Sensitivity towards the environment is growing, as is the will to experience it in harmony. Also increasing is the awareness of how human impact affects the environment. The sensation that one feels whilst down ancient mule tracks, admiring the breathtaking views or encountering centuries-old trees is something that instils in us the importance of safeguarding and preserving nature’s environment.

Let us remember to be discrete, admirers and not invaders, let us avoid leaving behind traces of our passage and respect the environment. Above all, let us avoid any risk of fires. Fire is the worst enemy of our warm, dry environment. To organize a guided excursion, contact Qualified Environment and Excursion Guides, on the Province website.